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Developing in Solitude

I must always remember that the best kind of disciple is developed in solitude. I

must not succumb to the idea that my salvation lies in the group. The very concept

of the Body of Christ in the New Testament reflects the peculiarity, individuality,

and therefore the aloneness of every individual member. Of course, there is

common life, but merely having common life is not the same thing as discipleship.

The heros of the Bible were essentially lonely people. Those who know God deeply

do not learn of the deep things of Him from others. That is why deeply spiritual

people have always been treated as "strange". Paul was accused of being out of his

mind (Acts 26:24). Jesus was grossly misunderstood, even by His closest friends.

It is easy to understand why disciples are "stoned...sawn asunder...tempted...

slain with the sword" (Heb. 11:37), even by "religious" people!

I find disturbing signs around me that tell me the group is my hope, my health,

and even my destiny. The group is god. But, Lord, the more I trust the group,

the less I trust You. Quite the opposite, the group is really my stumbling block, my

hinderance to the kind of personalized experiences with You that are necessary

to the creation of strong discipleship.

Lord, it takes immense courage to enter discipleship training. But where the

burden of the Lord is upon me, I will be able to count the cost and go on. I will

lose a great deal earth wise, but what transcendent blessings I will gain heaven wise.

There is no greater compliment than, "of whom the world is not worthy" (Heb. 11:38).

Daily with the King

W. Glyn Evans

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