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  • Kimberly Yoghourtjian

Faith is What Hope is Made Of

When I speak of faith, I speak of a person,

a person like you and me but not like you

and me.

This person is without sin. His

name is Jesus Christ Who is anointed to

serve. He came to serve us. He is God in

the flesh.

No one has the right to hope apart from

a personal relationship with God. Why?

We are sinners...everyone. That leaves

us without hope if Jesus Christ is

not in us.

How so? Without Jesus Christ we are dead

in our sins.

Can a dead man live? You can't. I can't.

But Jesus

rose from the dead and is seated at the right

of God. Life is in Him. Surrender your sinful

self to Jesus, and he will give you life.

His life.

So your trust, my trust, your faith, my

faith is what hope is made in

the only one who has life-

Jesus Christ.

Jesus is sinless; He came to serve you

and me.

Jesus is hope because He gives life

to dead men and to dead women.

If you, if I have Jesus, we have life.

If a person does not have Jesus,

they have no hope.

They are dead.

You and I have been given a

choice. Why not choose life?

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