• Jonathon Cahn

The Bridal Nightlight

The Song of Solomon says that the bride's face is as fair

as the moon. The beauty of the moon is that it reflects

the radiance of the sun. It's the first sign that the sun is

still out there and it's coming. It's the light of the rising

sun. As the bride, you need to have the beauty of the

moon about you. Look beyond this world, beyond the

darkness of this night. Look to the light of Messiah,

particularly to the light of His rising. Live your life in

the power of His rising, of the resurrection. Set your

face beyond your situation and into the direction of His

light, into the hope, the glory, the victory and the power

of the resurrection. That's the moon reflecting the light

of the sun. As you do that, you're going to glow and be

radiant with His light in any circumstance. Shine with

His light and your life will become as beautiful as the

light of the rising sun, radiating in the face of the moon.



©2017 Kimberly Yoghourtjian

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