• "I will sing and make melody to the Lord" (Psalm


While the minor-key music

of the fallen world

drones on

sung by the choir

of the lost,

the blind,

the deceived,

the wounded,

the poor,

the weak,

the rebel,

the lame,

the willful,

and the enslaved,

singing the sad notes

of a world

once beautiful,

now broken,

of hearts

once pure,

now corrupted,

of darkness

where light was meant to flourish,

of slavery

where freedom was designed to reign,

You have given me

a song to sing.

It is a song

of boundless love,

It is a song

of rescuing grace,

It is a song

of tender mercy,

Its verses tell

how redeeming hands

touched a broken world,

giving life again

giving freedom again

giving peace again

giving hope again

giving broken hearts

a reason to sing again.

Its chorus swells

to heights never before sung

and its constant refrain


Alleluia to the Lamb,


Your grace

has placed in my mouth

the only words worth repeating,

Your mercy

has returned to my heart

the only music worth playing.

It is the song of songs,

and one million years

into eternity

it will be

as beautiful and new

as the moment

the first note was sung.

paul david TRIPP

a SHELTER in the time OF STORM


©2017 Kimberly Yoghourtjian

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