• by Vicki Bartels

Messiah's Word

While you were sleeping

Yeshua whispered in your ear,

"Sleep on My dear one

There's nothing to fear.

I've called you to Me before the world began

And I will never ever let go of your hand.

There's no one quite like you

No one can take your place

I formed you for a purpose so finish the race.

Don't grow weary and fall by the way

Just bow your heart and remember to pray.

To keep temptation from you, and evil out of your heart

My angels will rush to you as soon as your prayer starts.

The demons will slither off because they know you're free

Purchased by My blood I shed on the cross of Mount Calvary.

Lie still and know I AM

And I will accomplish My perfect plan.

There's a new world coming that will be a sight to see

There you will behold Me in My Majesty.

You will live in a mansion and walk on streets of gold

There will be no curse, no sea, no night, nor cold.

Oh, what a sight!

You will see God The Father and Me The Eternal Light.

You will drink from the river of life and eat from My tree

And sing out with the saints and angels, 'Worthy is He'.

So sleep deeply dear one,

Sleep and rest still

All will go well just as I say it will."


©2017 Kimberly Yoghourtjian

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