For Mother's Who Hope

She waited for the call

that never came;

searched every mail

for a letter,

or a note,

or a card,

that bore his name;

and on her knees

at night,

and on her feet

all day,

she stormed Heaven's gate

in his behalf;

she pled for him

in Heaven's high court.

"Be still, and wait; and see"-

the word God gave;

then she

knew that He would

do in and for and with him,

that which she never could.

So doubts ignored

she went about her chores

with joy-

knowing, though spurned,

His word was true.

The prodigal had not returned,

but God was God,

And there was work to do.

Ruth Bell Graham

Decision Magazine


©2017 Kimberly Yoghourtjian

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