• ""Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in

Repose, Where Is It To Be Found?


My faith is in thee,

My expectation is from thee,

My love goes out toward thee,

I believe thee,

accept thy Word,

acquiesce in thy will,

rely on thy promises,

trust thy providence.

I bless thee that the court of conscience

proves me to be thine.

I do not need signs and wonders to believe,

for thy Word is sure truth.

I have cast my anchor in the port of peace,

knowing that present and future

are in nail-pierced hands.

Thou art so good, wise, just, holy,

that no mistake is possible to thee.

Thou art fountain and source of all law;

what thou commandest is mine to obey.

I yield to thy sovereignty all that I am and have;

do thou with me as thou wilt.

Thou hast given me silence in my heart

in place of murmurings and complaints.

Keep my wishes from growing into willings,

my willings from becoming fault-finding

with thy providences,

and have mercy on me.

If I sin and am rebellious, help me to repent;

then take away my mourning and give me music;

remove my sackcloth and adorn me with beauty;

take away my sighs and fill my mouth with songs;

and when I am restored and rest in thee

give me summer weather in my heart.

The Valley of Vision

Puritan Prayers & Devotions


©2017 Kimberly Yoghourtjian

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