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Grief Explored

There is a story of a woman who had many sorrows:

parents, husband ,children, wealth, all gone. In her great grief

she prayed for death, but death did not come. She would not take up

any of her wonted work for Christ. One night, she had a dream:

she thought she had gone to heaven. She saw her husband and ran to him

with eager joy, expecting a glad welcome. But, strange to say, no answering

joy shone on his face-only surprise and displeasure. "How did you come here?"

he asked."They did not say that you were to be sent for today; I did not expect you

for a long time yet.

With a bitter cry she turned from him to seek her parents. But instead of tender

love for which her heart was longing she met from them only the same amazement

and the same surprised questions.

"I'll go to my Savior," she cried. "He will welcome me if no one else does."

When she saw Christ, there was infinite love in His look, but His words

throbbed with sorrow as He said: "Child, child, who is doing your work

down there?" At last she understood; she had no right yet to be in heaven;

her work was not finished; she had fled away from her duty.

This is one of the dangers of sorrow: that in our grief for those who are gone

we lose interest in those who are living, and slacken our zeal

in the work which is allotted to us. However great our bereavements

we may not drop our tasks until the Master calls us away.

Springs in the Valley by Mrs. Charles Cowman

J. R. Miller


©2017 Kimberly Yoghourtjian

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