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The Word that Echoes Throughout the World

Tradition says that when they carried Saint John for the last time into the

church, he lifted up his feeble hands to the listening congregation, and said,

"Little children, love one another."

The words are echoing yet throughout the world.

More precious and important even than faith is heavenly love. Without

it faith must ultimately wither. Many of God's most powerful workers after

a time lose their power because they lose the spirit of love. This is the

crowning grace of Christian character. It has a thousand shades, and it is

in the finer touches that its glory consists. Every new experience

of life is but a school to learn some lesson of love. Let us not try to expel

our teachers. Let us welcome them and so learn the lesson, that they

may soon pass on and leave us to make new advances.

Mrs. Charles E. Cowman - Springs in the Valley

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