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  • "That your love may abound yet more and more"

How Can We Love?

"Love Unbinds Others by its Bonds"

Love through me, Love of God,

There is no love in me,

O Fire of love, light thou the love,

That burns perpetually.

Flow through me, Peace of God,

Calm river, flow until

No wind can blow, no currant stir

A ripple of sef-will.

Shine through me, Joy of God,

Make me like Thy clear air.

Which Thou dost pour Thy colors thro'

As though it were not there.

O blessed Love of God,

That all may taste and see

How good Thou Art, once more I pray:

Love through me, even me.

Springs in the Valley by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman - A. W. C.

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