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What Does the Bible Say about Hate

Do we hate enough? "I hate all evil ways." the writer of Psalm 119:104 says, and "All false ways I utterly abhor" 119:128.

Do we truly hate every false way? Or are we covering up something which will one day come out to our shame before God and His Holy angels? "There is nothing covered, that will not be revealed; and hid, that will not be known (Mathew 10:26). Do we hate unkind suspicions, whisperings, back-biting, all un-love?

Do we hate mushy friendships?

Do we hate weakening things, or are we sliding along in an easy kind of tolerance that is far removed from the "hate" of such verses as this?

Do we hate laziness and slackness and all kinds of selfishness?

See that you love all that God loves, but see that you hate all that He hates. If we don't know how to hate, we don't know how to love.

Amy Carmichael - Whispers of His Power

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